Saturday, October 27, 2012

Slacker Blogger Clean Up

Peril of a slacker blogger: Posts from nearly one year ago still waiting to be published...

I attended a wonderful class last month last year at church on cleaning your home. There were some great tips that I want to remember, but I certainly don't need another piece of paper lying around waiting to be lost. So hopefully these tips and tricks turn out to be helpful! I'll update as I try them.

Have you ever thought about putting Rain X on your outside windows that get direct rain? You get fewer water marks and don't have to clean your windows as often!

Spot X is supposed to work miracles for getting hard water spots off your faucets. For the edges around your faucet, use a ceramic razor blade or plastic putty knife.

Pumice stones help remove hard water deposits and stains in toilet bowls.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works in the shower. I've never used it for anything other than crayons and pen marks an the wall {and let me tell you, I LOVE Mr. Clean. He's the second best man in my house!}

I guess it's time to clean the bathroom and see if these really work!