Meet the Builder

I have four beautiful children and a handsome hubby who make life a very exciting adventure! As much as I love learning new things and exploring the world around me, I believe that building a better me is a result of building those around me. One of the perils of this mentality, is that I don't regularly post. Building my blog often takes a back burner to the more pressing needs of those around me, but I do check in for comments.

While building myself is a process, there are a few constant facts about me. 
  • I love to make lists
  • I am thrifty to the core
  • I have a very messy bedroom
  • I make my bed every morning {it makes my messy room seem a little cleaner}
  • I am a busy body
  • I am almost always late
  • I hate doing my hair
  • I am a procrastinator
  • I am a perfectionist {terrible combination}
  • I am a night owl
  • My feet are always cold
  • I love to smile