Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

This week was Spring Break. It rained all week long, dang it! I distinctly remember this same thing happening last year! Isn't there some mother nature ruling out there that outlaws two years in a row of nasty-no-school-weather? Now I know why people leave on vacation during spring break. I think our family should institute Spring Break Vacation instead of Summer Vacation.

Either way, next year I definitely want to have something planned, because Spring Break just snuck up on me and I found us cooped up in the house...LAME. In between flood watches, we found some breaks in the rain to take Tate to the basketball court. The kids built forts all around the house, including the hallway where there was a blanket tied to each door handle of each room, including the bathroom. I really should have taken some pictures of this one because as annoying as it was, it was really cool. One night they even got to sleep together in one of the tents they made. Much of the time we played with our new DVR {yes, we're just now getting one after much begging and I LOVE it!} Anyway, I don't know how many episodes of Phineas and Ferb we watched, but it was at least one too many.  And the DS is permanently charging to sustain it's increased use. To counter the brain cells numbed into submission with technology we did make a trip to the library. 

One more day in this house and someone was going to get hurt. So we ventured out to Chuck E. Cheese and spent some of our token stash. The kids had a blast and I managed not to go completely deaf from all the noise. Tomorrow we will head up to IKEA (I need a break from spring break) and then we plan to do some nature walks, weather permitting.

So tell me, what do you do for Spring Break?

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