Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tango with a Mango

Do you like cheese with your mango? Cause that title is cheese-y! But I am lovin mango right now, which is good because I have three of them sitting on my counter. I had a weekend with the girls in Seattle and we had such a great time! We spent the majority of our at "Time Out," a women's conference full of inspirational insight into all apects of my life from mothering to religion. It was the best time out ever! Isn't it funny how as adults we long for the things we despised as kids? PLEASE, will someone give me a time out, send me to my room, make me take a nap, or better yet...put me to bed early?!

Anyway, we were just blocks away from Pike Place Market so we decided to head over and do the tourist thing.
There is always so much to see, smell, and taste at the market - it's like sensory overload. I wish I had a sensory filter, though. Fish is fun to watch fly through the air, but the smell? Ick. There were the usual jams, honeys, and spreads to try but this time I found a couple new things. I tried some veggie chips - pretty good, but not worth nine buckaroos for a small bag. I also sampled some delicious mango. I wanted to take one home for the kiddos to try, but I used the last of my cash to buy a flower bouquet. In order to use my handy dandy debit card I had to buy at least $5 of produce, which scored me three mangos. 
Once home I had a hard time figuring out how I was supposed to cut this thing. There is a seed in the center which is long and flat! So I went to my favorite source, the Internet to figure out the best way to cut this thing open. It's my lucky day...there is a National Mango Board! I never would have imagined. Now I have the ultimate mango source for all things mango. So check it out and grab a mango!

Side note: My photo skills were feeling weak during this trip. Plus I was pushing a stroller through mobs of people and trying to hold tight to my beautiful bouquet while making sure my wallet didn't topple out of my overstuffed diaper bag. So it's time to give credit to those whose pictures I snagged online. Pictures from here and here.

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