Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Whole Birthday!

Before Todd and I got married I didn't have TV service. I thought it was a waste of money because frankly, I didn't have time to watch TV and only turned it on once or twice a week when folding laundry. After some mathematical deduction I realized it would be cheaper to rent a movie than to turn on the TV, and if you use the library {which I do} FREE movies are infinitely cheaper than TV service.

When Todd and I got hitched he felt compelled to introduce me to the world of "The Office." It really is its own little world, and now I have many friends there. Jim and Pam {can we get an eyebrow raise at the camera here?}, insanely obnoxious and inappropriate-in-every-way Michael, Dwight {beets anyone?}, crazy cat lady Angela, and the list goes on. I was hooked. Every night after putting the kids to bed, Todd and I would grab a snack and cozy up on the couch for an Office session. I think we watched 5 seasons in a month. Actually, I wasn't keeping track of time but that sounds about right.

Is anyone wondering whose birthday it was yet? Well, it was mine...back in August. Todd got me this great card that was so funny I couldn't bear to throw it away, but the time has come. This card is too good to live in my paper pile for none to enjoy. I still had a hard time letting go of that card so I decided to pull one of my genius mom tricks on myself. "Let's take a picture of it! Then you can always remember it. Say goodbye to the card!"

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card, but I think it said, "Happy WHOLE Birthday!" Not sure though, cause I threw the card away. Yay for less clutter!

So what about you...Do you have any genius mom tricks to share? How about tips for keeping down clutter? Or maybe just a TV show that you can't live without?

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